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I looked pretty hard for a decently active chat server, and found 321.

It's a really clean chat, and site Admins and Moderators do a great job of keeping it that way.

Para usar todas las funciones del sitio, necesitas permitir la visualización de contenido Flash en tu navegador.

Por favor presiona el “interruptor” para habilitar Flash en tu navegador.

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Though recently, the site had a lot of host issues, and lost a ton of users after they got tired of being unable to connect. Read Full Review Chat is beautifully set out and has all the bells and whistles - best chat site i have been in.

In reality, you do not really need moderators since you have the ability of block chatters.

With the number of rooms with the 321 site, you could have a couple of moderators on call to handle the few problems associated with all chartrooms. Room moderators are needed and most of them are all doing an EXCELLENT job.

It sure what room your in but all the ones I been in have been great As a questioning teen almost 2 years ago i found 321 and have made many great friend there and since have come out at home, this is the best site that i have found for gayteen guys they make you feel welcome and dont judge this is like a second home to me and have been at 321 almost 2 full years now as a memeber this is the only place i can be myself till i can come out to the rest of the world.

So if yoor a LGBTQ teen this is the site to be at imho…

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