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The DMCA doesn't say anything about how "good" the protection needs to be, so if anyone used a tool to strip those values they would be in violation of the DMCA. If you can't handle that, you're going to have a very difficult time in the future. Do you really think that will affect my sleep tonight? To address your other question, as to what conditions could malicious code get into OSX: 1.I suspect, in any case, that the i Tunes Music Store doesn't broadcast the unprotected AAC file completely in the clear or as an uninterrupted stream of AAC data, so Py Musique may already violate the DMCA. First, the file would need to be considered "safe" to be allowed to auto-download and auto-open, AND the browser would need to be set to allow this. Then, like the case with the installer above, it would need to seek the user's permission to be installed.Nuclear power plants need much less minimalism and elegance than just about anything else humans can make, but costs and other limitations tend to guide the design toward what engineers are best at. And maybe Steve Jobs, if you wanted to call him an engineer.Redundancy and over-building are desirable, I believe we end up with too much elegance instead. Engineering - everything is quantified down to tedium.Thank God Apple users just amount 3% -or something like that- in the computer industry (forget about the ipod)...If everybody thought like most people in this board, the world would be a more scarier (if possible) place to live in... : D) Go with the carrier that works for you and don't assume that yours is best for everyone.

I would like to have seen Apple respond to this as a challenge, by saying that they appreciate the constructive criticism and look forward to implementing changes in their practises and achieving top marks in the next Greenpeace analysis. A friend of mine got AIDS from a priest when he was under age. In it's simplest form, it's showing that the Hebrew word translated "day" is used to refer to varying periods of time, not necessarily 24-hour periods.Every single variable in a design has a reason for being a specific value.I also have to ask, if not engineers, who would you rather have design an ECCS for a nuclear power plant?I have to say, I am APPALLED by the irresponsible attitude of some people on this forum (and probably the world). I think my Macs are great, and OS X is clearly the best OS on the planet today, but this report is very disappointing.Businesses, corporations, governments, AND individuals should all be behaving in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. When did you all gain the right to be so selfish, self-centred, and bigoted in your beliefs? Rather than turning a blind eye to the irresponsible policies at Apple, and saying the Greenpeace is just anti-technology (they're big supporters of many innovative energy technologies, BTW), why not do what you can, as an Apple customer, to change the way Apple does business.

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