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why would soap opera weekly say eob and gr were secretly seeing each other? -- daniel romalotti, 11/11/06 Sat [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Chloe thought her good friend Kevin Fisher was gay this week when she saw him with that old guy Hogan.Chloe even asked Rafe to use his "Gaydar" on Kevin to see if Kevin played on Rafe's team.He is only the much younger who knows a lot about the Internet and can be installed in gainful employment.Members of online dating communities are most of the time alone, young, divorced and in some cases married.Now you have me a little unsure about who interviewed him, though, and if it wasn't NB I think it was Michael Fairman who, I assume, also should know if GR is gay in real life or not and yet he clearly mentioned that both actors playing a couple are straight in real life.What I'm sure of is that I read NB "making it clear" that CLB and GR were never together, but that was a few years ago, I think years after it supposedly happened.-- Carmen Mesta, 09/27/06 Wed [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] The rumors,or is it truth, that Greg Rikaart and Christian Le Blanc are dating will be around until they finally split. All of them public relations "girlfriends" for public consumption. [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] [ BUMPED FROM 2006: Lately, CLB has been behaving more like his hero Charles Nelson Reilly. -- Jill Abbott Fenmore, 11/03/10 Wed [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] the new soap opera weekly i hear is reporting the secret backstage romance between mr.rikaart and ms.o'brien.

First elected to Congress in 1994, Sanford left when he was elected Governor of South Carolina in 2002, defeating Democratic incumbent Jim Hodges, and re-elected governor in 2006.

He asked them how they felt having to kiss and all for the soap.

So why would NB say such things if he already knows that Greg is gay? He had already debunked that theory about something going on between CLB and GR all those years ago, and also talked about CLB being in a relationship with anyone, he said CLB was single and loving it.

Hallmark Star @Ryan Paevey is helping us kick off #Countdownto Christmas by cooking in the kitchen with @iamdebbiem! #Hope At Christmas Wc #OTea TO18 on December 2nd supports adults and kids living with neurological motor disorders! Kdb To see the #YR actor Christian Jules Le Blanc candidate in danse avec les stars for the season 2019 that would be great !!! @DALS_TF1 #dalsfamily #dals @Frederic Pedraza… @CJLe Blanc and @Nicc Bishop brought my words to life last night at the @WGAWest LGBTQ Scene. With the awesomely talented Alison Arngrim at the “WGA LGBTQ SCENE 14”… THE CAST OF “NOT FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN” at @wgawest TONITE!!

If you're a YR Fan living in Toronto, how could you miss this?! @CJLe Blanc would be the best dancer of #DALS I wait that he comes on the dance floor with @JMGenereux @Le Chris Marques @DALS_TF1 Bhqq ABGF6 5 weeks until the 7th Annual @modcanada Kate’s Tea taking place at Toronto’s @Fairmont RYH on Sunday, December 2! My sincere thanks to both of these extremely talented actors for reading my scene, "I am you, you are me redux" and for taking time to participate in the event. WE THREW MISS GOODY TWO SHOES LAURA DOWN THE WELL... #YR niccbishop @arngrim @nevillekiser @michaeljmaloney @yrinsider @cbsdaytime @ Writers Guild of America West YNVjnl Qm S/…

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