Core data updating

More complex applications need a robust, multithreaded persistence framework.

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Because no write operations are performed when a child managed object context saves its changes, the thread on which the operation is performed isn't blocked by a write operation.

Users can also gain insight into how well content is performing across all digital devices and media types.“Customers will still be able to access the data through the individual solutions, but the enhancements to Explore allow clients to also see numbers across core digital solutions in one single view, including data visualizations not available in the individual tools,” Naresh Rekhi, senior vice president, digital audience products, com Score, told According to Rekhi, the update will also allow publishers to run fewer reports to make important business decisions quickly.

It identifies data trends and stories through a visualization of all key digital data allowing for “a holistic view of consumption.”The new update provides publishers with much-needed tools in today’s unpredictable media landscape.

That is why the main managed object context of the application is the child managed object context of a managed object context that operates on a background thread.

It's time to put this into practice by updating the example we worked on in the previous tutorial.

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