Dating a military man ivillage

Here are some of the highs and lows of dating a military man. We love getting stuff from our guys, but the wait is the killer part! Especially when you have no clue when he will have his phone and if he will even be allowed to use it!

I know talking to my guy is the best part of my day, but the wait definitely isn't. We hate the time difference between us, and we hate missing them so much.

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Thousands of happy couples have found each other on Military Cupid and have shared their stories with us. For a fun, safe and uniquely military dating experience, join free today.Just in case the mail is slow I know he'll have something new from me every day!"—militarygals Cute and Cuddly for Him "Once, I sent my oldest teddy bear with a note saying 'It's for the lonely times. '"—txmom3071A letter for every situation "I include letters in separate envelopes.We know they have to be away to fight for our freedom but we really just want them home to spend time together.If you think regular couples have problems communicating, try dating someone in the military.

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