Dating a police officer advice

It’s a Worry: Now not all branches of policing are going to involve any danger and if they’re a desk jockey or a ticket inspector then this isn’t necessary likely to come with any particular risk.

However if they are out patrolling the streets or even directing traffic this can be a different story and if you are the kind of person who is prone to worrying then this can mean that you are left at home worrying about whether they are going to make it back okay or not.

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You just need to decide whether that’s enough to put your mind at rest and whether you’re happy to continue in that light.I would be careful if I were you cuz there are many women out there who are attracted to just the uniform and the cop is in a perfect position to cheat cuz the temptation is all around him.. I wanted to be one but I'm an intelligent person...I've since realized what a mistake I would be making being a cop..don't get paid much, they deal with A LOT of stuff that they will keep to themselves which in turn they drink too much or party hard cuz hey they are a police they figure they can get away with it...Again this is a personal decision and you need to decide whether you’re okay with it – if you are able to see the plus side then it means you can get some time to yourself to pursue your interests or engage in some light reading or TV watching.And while you do you can know that your partner is going off to do something worthwhile.

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