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The idea is that if you act like a certain type of person, you will become that person, it’s a bit like a self fulfilling prophecy.To use this to influence others, you can refer to them as what you want them to be, so they will start thinking of themselves this way.Legend has it that Benjamin Franklin once wanted to win over a man who didn’t like him.

Trick: Get someone to do a favor for you—also known as the Benjamin Franklin effect.

That, of course, does not mean you should demean a person of low self-esteem! Mirroring is also known as mimicry, and is something that some people do naturally.

People with this skill are considered to be chameleons; they try to blend into their environment by copying other people’s behaviors, mannerisms and even speech patterns.

When you ask a request of someone who is tired, you probably won’t get a definite response, but probably an “I’ll do it tomorrow,” because they don’t want to deal with decisions at the moment.

The next day, they are likely to follow through because people tend to keep their word; it’s natural psychologically to want to follow through with something you said you would do.

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