Dating sedimentary rock layers

It is an ore of silver and resembles hematite but is much softer.

Polyhalite Polyhalite has the formulae Ka Ca2Mg(SO4)42H2O and a relative hardness of 4.

It is a hydrothermal mineral found lining cavities in basalt rocks associated with chabazite.

Formed as an alteration product of feldspars and volcanic ashes.

Phlogopite Phlogopite has the formulae K(Mg, Fe)3(Al Si3)O10(F, OH)2 and a relative hardness of 3. Phosphates Phosphates refers to a group of minerals where phosphate (PO4) is an important constituent.

It occurs as a result of the metamorphism of crystalline magnesium limestones or dolomitic marbles. Phosphorus Phosphorus is a non-metallic element with the symbol P.

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It is used in the manufacture of porcelin and for other industrial purposes.

Orthorhombic Orthorhombic refers to a rectangular crystal with three axes of different lengths and all at right angles to each other. Oxide Oxide refers to a group of minerals where oxygen joined with a metal is a major constituent.

Oxidized zone Oxidized zone refers to the portion of an ore body that has been altered by downward percolating groundwater and which contains dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Pearly Pearly refers to a luster with the iridescent look of a pearl.

Most commonly seen on surfaces parallel to cleavage planes. Penninite Penninite has the formulae Mg3(Si4O10)(OH)2Mg3(OH)6 and a relative hardness of 3. Pentlandite Pentlandite has the formulae (Fe, Ni)9S8 and a relative hardness of 4. The major use of nickel is in the manufacture of steel.

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