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Himelein Affiliation: University of North Carolina, Asheville Description: This 3-part resource advocates a curriculum focused on the instruction of interpersonal helping skills, defined as communication strategies that demonstrate a listener’s attention, interest, understanding, self-awareness, and ability to help.

The resource provides instructors with the tools needed to integrate a helping skills curriculum into practicum-centered courses.

Teaching resources are documents that can pertain to any aspect of teaching.

(Syllabi have their own listings under Project Syllabus.) Instructors have generously shared classroom activities, annotated bibliographies, film guides, lab manuals, advising aids, textbook compendiums, and much more.

Its aim is to help educate undergraduates before they commit to a graduate program. Rajecki Affiliation: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Description: I identify Internet resources that can enable users to easily obtain authoritative, detailed, and up-to-date information about the specifics of particular occupations, and conditions in the contemporary U. It can serve as supplementary reading for students in child development, learning, abnormal/clinical psychology, or general psychology courses, or be used for staff or parental training programs. The introductory and advanced resources are organized in the following sections: (I) Overview, (II) Definitions, (III) Incidence and prevalence, (IV) Causes and correlates, (V) Consequences, (VI) Legal and social issues, (VII) Treatment issues, (VIII) Prevention, (IX) Controversies from multiple perspectives, and (X) Online resources.

Appleby (Idaho State University) Description: This resource offers three student-friendly versions of the information in Appleby, D. Thus, faculty can share the original article’s advice more effectively than by requiring students to read it.Author: Ryan Rominger & Akhila Kolesar Affiliation: Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Description: This 59-page document lists bibliographic material and website resources that can help faculty integrate diversity materials into graduate and undergraduate psychology courses.The suggested chapters, articles, and websites can be inserted into class discussions, assignments, and readings.Freeman, University of Virginia, Ladonna Lewis, Glendale Community College, Jeffery Scott Mio, California State Polytechnic University Description: The APA Task Force on Diversity Education Resources was established by the 2006 APA President Gerry Koocher.The group’s mission was to provide support for instructors who want to address diversity issues in their classrooms.

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