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Made of bone china by our old friend Richard Ginori and date marked for November, 1939. The three-lobed serving dish as used on Olympic and salvaged from Titanic.I suspect these were used as part of the ubiquitous…

read more › Cute and beautiful demitasse cup and saucer made by corning for American President Lines. Highly useful as it easily stands up to dishwashers. Large egg cup in the older pattern American President Line’s china dating from the 1950’s. Very few pieces turn up of this hard-to-find pattern because it was only used in the Club Leviathan and only for a few years. read more › Great coffee cup and saucer for Union Castle. One cup and saucer is slightly crazed (very slight). In my mind, at least, it is one of the hallmarks of British ocean-liner service. read more › Rare egg hoop from the post-WWII on-board Cunard service. This pattern was used in both first and second class on all the major post war Cunard ships, including Mauretania and Caronia. read more › One of the hardest-to-find pieces of Maddockware. The other set has a hairline in the saucer which cannot be seen from the… QM2 still provides this expected tradition to this day. read more › Maddock cereal bowl measuring 7½” in diameter. Each has a red sticker on the back stating it was sold on bard the Queen Mary. read more › Desirable and hard-to-find coffee cup and saucer as used on the great post WWII Cunarders. These coffee cups and saucers are quite popular, and in fact,… If, like Cunard, you had to serve appetizers to 800 expectant first-class passengers and do it quickly, these dishes were the answer to your prayers. read more › One of the hardest-to-find pieces of Maddockware. These so-called “double” egg cups have always intrigued me. Take a trip around the Royal Doulton Pottery in Burslem and see artistry in action.

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