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These women have to compete with other women like themselves and not some 19-year-old hair stylist.These are desirable women who appreciate a guy who appreciates them. With any online dating site, and especially with new sites, you have to continually grow to stay relevant.On any other top site a 50/50 split of men and women is considered great. This is especially true when dating older women where historically more women than men have used online dating. The phrase “you can’t judge a book by its” cover doesn’t work for online dating sites.The best sites out there almost always have a fantastic design.Once you start getting tailored matches sent to you it is hard to go back to a typical dating site. There are a lot of sites that boast about the quality of women on their site. Women who are educated (82% has a bachelor’s degree or higher) and are interested in similar men are flocking to this site.Another big benefit of the personality test is that every woman who completes it is motivated to find a guy. If you are primarily interested in women with a college education this is great news for you for two reasons.

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As soon as it stops growing it quickly begins to die off completely.

If you have any experience with older women you know how important it is for them to feel a connecting right away.

This is especially important for younger men who are interested in dating an older woman.

Men and women alike want a site that looks good and is easy to use.

First impressions matter, if the site looks bad most discerning men and women will be quick to go somewhere else.

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