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The following tips can help to prevent sickness bugs and other infections from spreading: In most cases, your little one should be feeling better within a few days. But if you have any concerns about his symptoms, you can always see your GP for advice. She'll be able to recommend an oral rehydration solution (ORS), which helps to replace the water and salts that are lost when your child is sick There are lots of natural remedies available that claim to help with nausea. Always talk to your pharmacist before trying any of these, as they may not be safe for your little one.

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So you may see quite a bit of vomiting in your child’s first few years!

I know that doesn't help you but it might just make you feel less alone with the problem...

Doctor said it was 'just reflux' but when you're a parent that's not easy to accept .

More on tummy troubles in toddlers and young children: Harding M.

I have a 1.6 year old boy, my problem was he always vomits after he takes his milk in the bottle.

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