Fun dating idea

Often times, Winter can seem a little daunting and even depressing as the cold months drag on and on!

But we want to help you find the excitement, wonder, and joy that Winter can bring you all season long. or stay in, either way, you won’t ever run out of date ideas this Winter.

But the main focus, from my perspective, was to make sure they sounded FUN. I can pretty much say that there isn't a dating idea here that I either haven't tried or wouldn't like to try again.

Here's the initial list.31 Fun Dating Ideas: So, there they are.

I scan The Age newspaper and come across a singles event ‘Dinner and Karaoke’. Opening the door with attitude, and then shown to the table where reality comes crashing in.

Before I know it I am strutting to the door with attitude.

This leads her to believe that wow, he didn’t wipe down the equipment, he is deliberately leaving his sweat behind because he fancies me. I grab a high-back chair and sit behind those tables. I note that Jekyll and Hekyll are sitting together at Karaoke. The singers are sober and so bad that it is highly entertaining!

Maybe, just maybe, the guy finishing off my meal is so into me and this is his way of showing me that he digs me. I skip into the Karaoke room with an aura of ‘fun’ surrounding me. Who knows, this could be the making of little Pom Poms. A couple of the men come and chat to the two obviously hot chicks that are sitting on the high chairs. There is however an exception; a woman sang ‘Boys in Town’ by the Divinyls.

Of course, this is LA, so the most you’ll likely need is a light sweater -- but if you’re really on your game, you’ll pack a blanket to cozy up with your date.

From culinary adventures to stunning views from both rooftops and horseback, here are our favorite fall date ideas that we’re totally willing to let you take credit for.

Take a break from your usual hop-heavy brewery date night, and discover refreshing new flavors together at Honest Abe’s Cider House and Meadery.

Definitely those that enjoy a drink, surely you can’t Karaoke sober? Self Affirmations are the only thing playing on my car stereo. It will be fun, great to meet new people; isn’t that what we tell ourselves?

I drive to the venue and figure that if it’s really fun I can leave the car and cab it home.

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