Instructors validating

We welcome authors, researchers and learners to make reference to, or use, ibstpi® Competencies and Standards Sets (Competencies Performance Statements) in their work.Several research papers, professional presentations, theses, and dissertations have been written about the ibstpi® standards, some using, with permission, ibstpi® competencies and performance statements as instrumentation for research.Early bird entries are available up until the 3rd of November.

This negotiation may include determining a royalty agreement.The publication identified the core competencies of instructors – those decisions, actions and behaviors that competent instructors must demonstrate to complete an instructional assignment successfully.The competencies define the generic instructor role, independent of settings and organizations.This does NOT allow you to post the Standards Set, or any part of it, in venues where others can access or read the stated standards, competencies, or performance statements.ALL non-personal, external uses require the user (purchaser of this ibstpi® Standards Set) to register with ibstpi® as a user and negotiate permission to copy, distribute, post, etc.

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