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Bach wrote Sei Sonatas e Partitas senza basso (Six Sonatas and Partitas without bass) for solo violin in 1720 during the six-year period in which he was employed by Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Cothen.

While at Cothen, which was a secular court, Bach was released from the many liturgical duties that had been required of him in his previous employment.

In 1922, Achron established a publishing company for Jewish music in Berlin.

He traveled to Palestine in 1924 but stayed only a short while.

The impact it had on Achron is obvious: much of his compositional output makes references to the folk elements of the Jewish people.The title of the final movement, 40% Swing, refers to the computer setting on a MIDI. JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH (born 1685 in Eisenach; died 1750 in Leipzig) Sonata No. But for such a famous and distinguished composer, surprisingly little is commonly known about his personal life except that he had two wives, 20 children and was a devout Lutheran who held several long-term positions, both inside and outside the church.The violin and piano swing side-by-side, sometimes in full concert with each other, at other times more independently. 2 in A minor for Solo Violin BWV1003 (1720) from the Sei Sonatas e Partitas senza basso 1. His music is universally respected; his works epitomize music as an international language.Achron himself premiered the Hebrew Melody in 1911 in St.Petersburg as an encore after a special tribute concert to the Czar.

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