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I figured that since she was in charge so often, she liked the idea of being submissive every now and then. And you command me to do things, and in the end I have my tongue buried in your cunt and the President himself walks in as you're brought to orgasm and he doesn't even realize it." I continued.

She took her glasses off, holding them in her left hand. "Forgive me, I'm not quite sure what you mean." She was inches away from me and I drank in every detail. I turned to face her and suddenly she leaned forward and pressed her lips against my own! I had then begun to sleep with her for quite some time. At first the joked about sneaking into CJ's house and discovering the truth, but it quickly became a serious idea. They looked around for a place to hide, and settled on the bedroom closet. " She giggled and leaned forward, kissing me lightly. CJ drew in my bottom lip as my tongue danced with hers. My pajamas were off in an instant, and luckily for her, I wasn't wearing a bra. CJ brushed her lips over my collar bone and stopped above my breasts.

My nipples were hardening through my shirt, showing just how aroused I was.

She caressed my side, tracing the line of my spine.

I have a lean figure with D-cups and dimples in my back, just below my spine. He brought me to the press secretary's office, where I would be working. The press secretary was on the phone when we arrived. I decided to wait for her, sitting on the couch against the wall and watching the news in the meantime. The guys observed CJ sticking her middle and ring finger in her mouth. I took my time, coming to her chest and taking each of her smaller breasts into my mouth. I ventured on across her belly and thighs, lips working around that perfect little slit of hers. Sam stroking his hard cock, attempting his second orgasm as Toby and Josh came at the sight of the exposed flesh between CJ's legs. I shoved my tongue as deep inside of her as she did myself, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

It was Autumn, and I was starting my very first internship at the White House. I remember feeling anxious, yet excited as I entered the giant building, following the man who was showing me around. A few minutes later, CJ came into her office and shut the door. "Do you think she's gonna-" But his question was answered when She slid her fingers into place. CJ reached for her nightstand drawer, and pulled out a clear, glass dildo. " She had a seductive smirk on her face as she begn to thrust fast, the smooth, cold glass sliding in and out with ease. I used my other hand to apply pressure to her clit as she closed her eyes. I can already feel your pussy tightening around my fingers.

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