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Yes, money can drives people crazy but keep repeating attack on 1 particular person who had been her savior is too much. Usually, other dramas are related to the people whose had been ill-treated by them and take revenges on them but this drama is consistent telling us, how smart this uneducated evil women used their lies and frauds without fail to Mi-poong's family including kind grandpa? If the writer has nothing nice to write, just end it!!!

OMG just saw episode 48, this is torture, and we can only watch it on weekends???? I wonder how many more evil deeds the imposter granddaughter and equally evil mother-in-law have under their sleeves.

Her character and personalities are vapid in all of her dramas.I can also forgive chunjaya cuz she is really stupid I mean low IQ and she was mostly doing what shinei told her to do what I can not forgive tho are the bad deeds of gumsila towards mipunga and her mother she did that with ultimate passion with the desire to hurt deep down that’s what I can never forgive her never cholte, cholte, cholteroooooooo The best scene in this drama happened in the last episode when the retarded abachi gave his wife, mipungas mom, a gift, when she was opening the box a huge black tarantula jumped all over her face and I jump off my sofa like 50 cm cuz of the freaking tarantula I couldn’t stop laughing all day whoahahaha This drama was so great its one of the best if not the best of the many I have already seen. Though I would not consider the cast A list actors, the acting was excellent. Nothing tells a more Korean Blood Family as did the scene at the NORTH crying wall to their ancestors. Looking forward to more short and entertaining dramas soon. It will be interesting to see if Shin-Ae has anything else up her sleeve in the last two episodes. Korean lady toward her friends and guardians as same as now, what happened to Kim Jong Nam killed last week in my country, Malaysia? The worst is the spoiler showed us that possibility Shin-Ae kills Dae-hoon and bury him. Is already too much evil done by Shin-Ae toward Mi-poong 's family.The first 20 epi were good, entertaining but from there the writer went to sleep and the drama lost its rudder nothing really was uncovered until epi 35 where things started unfolding real fast it was incredibly good it really captivated me I guess the writer was saving it for last, good job the ending was good and they all live happily ever after even gumsila that joined a temple as a novice to pray and pay for all her sins but in the end I think she got accepted by harabuchi and mipungis mom, kumo namyi and the freaky owner of the shop tied the knot and lived happily with who else his freaky son, halmoni with her new grandgrandchild could not be more happy when mipungi and changooppa remarried, chansu the rookie actor and freaky hiraya and the new baby started a new good life, shineiya and chunjaya tho in jail they comfort each other and lived well I guess compared to all the grave sins they had committed, daloya started a new happy life with 50 mil courtesy of harabuchi and his new beautiful wife which was nothing compared to the freaking chunjaya, hidonga cursed with meeting his evil wench wife lived his life happily trying to help the needy in poor countries with the help of shineyas precocious daughter yujina which probably became a successful woman, yusonga, son of yonchola mipungis killed brother probably went to an elite university of course paid all by harabuchi and became a successful lawyer or prosecutor, the rich girl that changooppa dumped went back to the states further her studies and probably married a rich guy and became a successful career woman, giwoka, chunjayas mom probably was kept on the running forever by the loan sharks after failing to paid back the money she borrowed for her gambling addiction, harabuchi probably had a sweet and fulfilled death cuz all his survivors family had reunited and the inheritance was well taken care of falling in good hands Greedy Chung Ja holds true to her personality even in jail for all that she did, jumping up and down when her daughter told her Dal Ho got a large inheritance from Duk-Chun. The actors are so great and so, so, realistic I even cried, laughed, and got upset at times. I was surprised that they did not have the father (Kim Dae-Hoon) regain his memory, was almost sure that they would work it in where his memory would be triggered when his had his first bite of the dumplings. I don't believe and nobody believe it but it is true, this people have hatred and high spirit of revenges toward their enemies. Grandpa Kim and Jo Dal-ho should report and caught Shin Ae once they found out she was an impostor but they are stupid, letting her be. I watched this drama because of my husband, he was so curious about it.I just wish there were more episodes to show how once and for all the good characters enjoy their well deserved victory. The evil deeds of the 3 women was dragged out way too long.I would have enjoyed seeing more of Mi-Poong and her mother being able to be with the grandfather in his house where they belonged.

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