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:: 715 "TWO WEDDINGS" [NEW] Lilly and the team attend a colleague's wedding and are persuaded by Jeffries to investigate whether the bride killed her former fiancé two years earlier -- just hours after he called off their nuptials. :: 714 "METAMORPHOSIS" [NEW] The 1971 death of a teen aerialist who fell during a dangerous circus performance is investigated. :: 713 "BOMBERS" [NEW] The 1983 murder of a graffiti artist who died after spray paint was forced down his throat is investigated. :: 707 "READ BETWEEN THE LINES" [NEW] The 1991 murder of a 14-year-old girl in foster care who was a promising rapper is investigated.The probe reveals the victim lived in a gang-infested neighborhood and was recently placed, along with her sister, with new foster parents. :: 716 "ONE FALL" [NEW] The 1986 murder of a dock worker who moonlighted as a wrestler is investigated.Meanwhile, Valens follows a lead that could result in the capture of his mother's rapist.The probe reveals the victim received a scholarship at a top private school and died shortly after losing a debate at the competitive campus. :: 708 "CHINATOWN" [NEW] The 1983 murder of a Chinese-American teen is reinvestigated. The probe reveals the victim's girlfriend was killed by Chinese gang members three months earlier at a festival and that the dead man may have been seeking revenge.

Meanwhile, Lilly reconnects with former flame Eddie Saccardo. :: 711 "THE GOOD SOLDIER" [NEW] The 2005 murder of an Army recruiter who was killed just two days before his scheduled deployment to Iraq is reinvestigated after a soldier comes forward with new evidence.(expect reruns through the holiday season) :: 710 "ICED" [NEW] The 1980 murder of a minor-league hockey player is investigated.The victim was killed on his team's home rink the night the U. hockey team defeated the Soviet Union in the Olympic Games. :: 709 "FORENSICS" [NEW] The 1999 death of a high-school debate champion, which was originally ruled a suicide, is investigated after new evidence suggests he was murdered.

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