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The hazard of exposure to bloodborne pathogens affects employees in many types of employment and is not restricted to the healthcare or emergency service industry.

Blood means human blood, human blood components, and products made from human blood.

The exposure determination requires employers to identify and document: 1) those job classifications in which all employees have occupational exposure, and 2) those job classifications in which some employee have occupational exposure.

In the latter case, specific tasks and procedures, or groups of closely related tasks and procedures, which are associated with occupational exposure, must be delineated.

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The obligatory warning and stuff This website is dedicated to hunk appreciation in all its variations.This course will provide participants with the knowledge required to identify bloodborne pathogens and to protect against exposure.The course meets requirements established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.Non-managerial employees responsible for direct patient care who are potentially exposed to injuries from contaminated sharps are to be solicited in the identification, evaluation and selection of effective engineering and work practice controls and documentation of the solicitation is required to be included as part of the exposure control program.Employees having “reasonably anticipated” exposure to blood or OPIM through skin, eye, mucous membrane, or broken skin by: (needlesticks, human bites, cuts, abrasions) that result from the performance of an employee’s job duties.

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