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Más allá de las referencias a la anatomía femenina, estas piezas impactan porque activan los cuerpos de los espectadores, una prioridad en el trabajo de Minujín hasta hoy. © Zilia Sánchez" width="220" height="220" data-src="https:// Zilia Sánchez is a Cuban-born artist who, after living for a decade in New York, moved to Puerto Rico in 1972.

There, she began a series of paintings in which she applied the formal language of abstraction to representations of the female body.

López described her treatment: “They wrapped my wrists in fabric, and they lifted me up with rope.” — En los años 70, Sonia Gutiérrez, asumió una actitud abiertamente política que culminó con su exilio repentino de la escena artística de Colombia.

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carry signs featuring articles that sensationalize the rumored sex change of actress Olga Breeskin’s male secretary, to protest the tactics of conservative and Christian newspapers to smear youth, queer, and movie cultures as morally degenerate.

Director: Torgeir Wethal; producer: Odin Teatret Film Video. OTA-Odin Teatret Archives This recording of a poetry performance by activist, choreographer, and composer Victoria Santa Cruz follows her own girlhood experience of racial discrimination and later embracing of her blackness as a source of pride. ) to the rhythm of clapping hands, which also sets her body in motion, Santa Cruz calls for self-empowerment and black pride. © Regina Silveira" width="220" height="220" data-src="https:// Regina_4000w_600_478.jpeg"/ This is the first exhibition to explore the groundbreaking contributions to contemporary art of Latin American and Latina women artists during a period of extraordinary conceptual and aesthetic experimentation.

The performance addresses black experience in South America, which is often denied and devalued by dominant cultures and regimes, despite long histories of Afro-Latino traditions throughout the region—in this case in Peru. — Esta grabación de una performance de poesía de la activista, coreógrafa y compositora Victoria Santa Cruz sigue su propio relato de infancia como una chica que sufre discriminación racial y luego asume su negritud con orgullo. Featuring 123 artists from 15 countries, focuses on their use of the female body for political and social critique and artistic expression.

© Yolanda Andrade" width="220" height="220" data-src="https:// Since the late 1970s, Yolanda Andrade has photographed culture and life on the streets of Mexico City, including the city’s queer and transgender communities during the development of the country’s LGBTQ Movement.

Todos los sujetos (incluyendo a las hijas de la artista) repiten obsesivamente sus oraciones y lamen hasta descubrir dentro de los helados los cuerpos de soldados de plástico. © Sandra Eleta" width="220" height="220" data-src="https:// Sandra_4000w_600_595.jpg"/ in. From 1982 to 1990, she took photographs of queer and transgender sex workers at La Palmera brothel in Santiago and La Jauja brothel in Talca.

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