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SE22 the smaller eaglet has not been fed since Sunday evening. SE 21 hatched 22 days ago and the smaller SE22 20 days ago.The female has brought in fish and a gull, but only fed the persistent stronger and bigger eaglet. The adults have been bringing in a few birds, including young gulls as in past years. For the first time, the smaller chick was fed "the lion's share". After a lot of concern from our live stream watchers, it seems that the smaller chick is growing stronger and getting plenty of feeds. The chicks are beginning to move around the nest bowl.

The older eaglet is thriving, receiving food and even picking at prey herself. A big fish was brought in by Lady and SE 21 has fed well.

So distressing - Life in the Raw Worrying news from the nest.

Our male Dad has not brought food since Sunday evening.

In summary, the bird was very thin and poorly hydrated with no crop or gastrointestinal ingesta.

The cranial lesions are consistent with the chick having its head grabbed by the talons of a conspecific.

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