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Additionally, Retailer was set up by independent record shops and had no funding or affiliation with record companies.However, it had a significantly smaller sample size than some rival charts.

The first number one on the UK Singles Chart was "Here in My Heart" by Al Martino for the week ending date 14 November 1952.

As of the week ending date 1 November 2018, the UK Singles Chart has had 1346 different number-one hits.

The current number-one single is "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

In late 1991 the sample consisted of 500 stores scanning barcodes of all record sales into an Epson PX-4 computer, and 650 other stores providing sales data through their own EPo S computerised tills.

These computers were to be telephoned six times a week, providing the data to Gallup.

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