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STARING INTO THE ABYSS: A SPECIAL REPORT ON THE FUTURE OF EUROPE ~-~-- ~ ························· Thomas Gideon Desmond King Executive Vice President, Timberlands Weyerhaeuser Company President, Chevron Technology Ventures Chevron 5 9 The world this week Asia 47 China and Tibet 13 14 14 16 18 On the cover Silvio Berlusconi' s terrifying Legacy: Leader, page 13. Our special report argues that Europe is heading towards compromise and decline, after page 56. " Editorial offices in London and also: Atlanta, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Cairo, Chicago, Hon g Kong, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Mexl Co C1ty, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Tokyo, Washington DC Leaders Italy and the euro zone That's all, folks America's deficit Large it up Airline alliances Open the skies The Middle East Confronting Iran Elected mayors Big cities, small plans 41 42 United States The politics of the South Hunting for votes Ohio's referendum Kasich gets a black eye The supercommittee Hints of a deal or a false dawn?

Phil Bryant as their new govern or, to replace the termlimited Haley Barbour.In Liberia's presidential runoff Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the incumbent, was poised to be declared the winner.The election was marred by vialence and turnout low after William Tubman, her opponent, urged his supporters to boycott the poll over allegations of electoral fraud.In unusually tough language, Mr Fill on said France had been overspending for 30 years, and that "bankruptcy" was "no longer an abstract word." The two men vying to be Spain's next prime minister took part in their only televised debate before the gen- eral election on November 2oth.Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba of the ruling Socialists went on the attack against Mariano Rajoy, leader of the opposition People's Party, but failed to land a blow. One by one The Colombian army killed Alfonso Cano, the leader of the FARC guerrillas.

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